Drummer Red

Programs Tailor Made for AlL Needs

  Private Lessons  

Whether you like Beethoven, Van Halen, Kelly Clarkson or Miles Davis, we've got you!


We specialize in all types of instruments and styles where we can customize the lesson to the student's own interests. Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes.  Contact us for scheduling!

Lessons Include:

  • Music theory

  • Reading and technique on the instrument 

  • Learning popular and classic songs

  • Opportunity to perform LIVE!

15% family discount for two family members who enroll together


Privatized weekly music classes!

All classes operate in semesters (Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring)


Baby & Me Music! (5 mos - 30 mos) 45min

A fun and interactive class in either the comfort of your own home or at our school! In this class, your baby will play and explore various styles of musical activities while becoming curious to their surroundings and the music we play. Classes are $15/week

Parents and their babies can expect:

  • Listening and reacting to music 

  • playing and exploring different percussion instruments

  • rhythm and movement games developing awareness, motor and speaking skills

  • Most importantly, socializing and having fun!


Brahms One (ages 2-3) 30min

In our Brahms One class, your child will learn the basic fundamentals of music while developing their motor skills and growing a love and curiosity for familiar songs and sounds. Classes are $15/Week

Our Brahms One students can expect:

  • Learning the basics of rhythm and movement  

  • Exploration of hand percusssion instruments 

  • Fun interactive musical games involving class objectives

  • Singing & building a repretoir of class songs

  • Interracting and working with other kids in a team-like environment 

  Brahms Two (ages 3-4)  30min

Our Brahms Two class is designed for children with developed motor skills and helps introduce them to the key components that make music. Here, your child will learn the fundamentals of Rhythm, Pitch, Harmony, Song Form, Music Theory and Music Technology. Classes are $15/Week

Our Brahms Two students can expect:

  • Expanding on knowledge of instruments (Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Violin etc.)  

  • Learning Pitch and Rhythm through fun interactive games 

  • Collaborating with classmates during song activities 

  • Exposure to music technology 

  Brahms Three (ages 4-5)  30min

Our Brahms Three class is designed fo kids with a firm understanding of the fundamentals of music taught in Brahms One and Two. Here, kids will learn the basics of music notation, chords, keyboard skills and what it is to combine rhythm and melody through song. Classes are $15/Week

Our Brahms Three students can expect:

  • Expanding on Music Theory fundamentals (Notes, Rhythm, Chords) 

  • Advancing listening skills in tone and pitch

  • Listening to and performing popular songs of many styles 

  • Collaborating with classmates during song activities 

  • Expanding on Music Technology learning to play notes on the keyboard